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October 4 Meeting

  • Small Scale Queen Rearing with Adolphus Leonard, Apiary Inspector for NCDA Eastern Region
  • Photo Contest Submission Deadline


September Bee Yard Report

Highlights: Varroa mite peak/brood nest expansion/weed nectar

Early (~ 9/1),

  • check for Fall swarm preps (see late March), and if found, cut out all queen cells, and cage the queen for about a week and then re-release her
  • recheck requeened hives
  • Varroa mite check (IPM bottom board and sugar shake test) equivocal hives from August and treat colonies that are above the treatment threshold:
  • apply 4 pieces of an Apilife VAR tablet to broodnest edges every 7 - 9 days x 3 or apply Apistan strips for 4 weeks
  • reduce the entrance to the small hole

Later (~ 9/15),

  • remove Apistan strips if placed in August (after 4 weeks)
  • ensure the last ApiLife VAR tablets are gone or remove them after 12 days
  • ensure that the broodnest is in the bottom chamber (reverse if necessary)
  • Varroa mite check (IPM bottom board) all previously treated hives
  • check hive weights, and
  • continue feeding all light colonies 2:1 sugar syrup

Blossoming: Goldenrod 8/1 - 10/15; Coreopsis; Asters, 9/10 - 10/30


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Meeting Location

Forsyth County Agricultural Building
1450 Fairchild Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105