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May 3 Meeting

  • Following the Bee Trail with Debra Roberts


April Bee Yard Report

Highlights: repro. swarms/brood nest reduction for nectar

First 3 weeks,

  • enlarge the entrance if not done in March
  • check brood and queen twice as in late March for swarm preps
  • continue to reverse hive bodies every 10 - 14 days

Third week (just before major - white wax - honey flow starts, ~ 4/20),

  • check broodnest again
  • super again w/ either foundation or drawn comb in anticipation of major storage needs
  • equalize foragers by exchanging hives while foragers are out in the middle of the day

Blossoming: Black Locust, variable; Blackberry (light tan/gray pollen), 4/20 - 5/22; Clover, 4/14; Holly 4/14; Tulip Poplar (powder yellow pollen), 4/20 - 5/26; Black Gum, 4/26 - 5/10; hardwood leafout, 4/1 - 4/24


NC Zoo Bee Volunteer Orientation

Location: Stedman Education Building near the North America entrance

10 AM: Tour of Honey Bee Exhibit
11 AM - 1:30 PM: Training with Dr. John Ambrose
2-3 PM: Zoo Orientation
3:15-4:15: Park Orientation

Earth Day

Volunteers are needed on April 26, 2014 from 10 AM until 5 PM at the Forsyth County Fairgrounds to man our booth.

Contact Ali Mousavi if you're interested:

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Meeting Location

Forsyth County Agricultural Building
1450 Fairchild Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105