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July 5 Meeting

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July Bee Yard Report

Highlights: Sourwood honey production

Every 10 days or so,

  • check supers, move less full peripheral super frames in, and add an additional super if necessary (existing super is over 2/3 full and has some caps)

At end of Sourwood honey flow (after 7/25 - last week),

  • harvest Sourwood supers, bring home, dry, and extract
  • return hives from Mountains at dusk
  • markedly entrance reduce weak hives to prevent robbing
  • check broodnest/queen once (at end of flow)
  • feed wet combs back to bees, and then
  • store dry supers under Paramoth

Blossoming: Sourwood to 7/25; Clover to 7/25; Coreopsis, 7/25 - 10/8


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Meeting Location

Forsyth County Agricultural Building
1450 Fairchild Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27105